• Compliant food labelling for Canada, USA, Russia
  • Label art work compliance assessment
  • Product formulation compliance assessment 
  • Regulatory advise
  • Translation in French and Russian
  • Ask us for any specific service you need

Safron Food Labelling Consulting ensures that:

  • All food label information is compliant with the food regulations, including: product  name and product description, net weight declaration, ingredients and allergens listening,  nutrition facts table format and nutrient values, country of origin, signature line, nutrient and health claims, advertising content and other information, if any.

  •  Each  graphic element in the art work is placed in the correct spot and that each letter is  the right height, meaning your labels will look professional and be easy-to-read and understand. 

  •  Each ingredient used in a recipe complies with the food standards of the country where the product will be sold.